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About us

squasht are a group of talented meeting room room gurus located across the world. Dedicated to just one thing, helping you find and book your perfect meeting room.

Our mission

To make it really simple and easy to book meeting rooms online. We also want to make a profit free service to ensure maximum value to both venues and clients.

Quick quote?

1. Tell us what city/suburb
2. What date, start time and duration
3. Any extra requirements
We will respond within 30 minutes.
Open 24 hours a day in all time zones.

Quick quote?

We are open 24 hours

Helping Deliver Meeting Rooms Since 2003

Trusted by companies large and small

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a meeting room?

A meeting room is a room or boardroom that has a table and chairs. The table can be square, rectangle or round.

How much does a meeting room cost?

Meeting rooms range from $25 - 150 p/h to $150 - 500 p/day for your average 12 seat meeting room.

What are the cancellation terms?

Over 48 hours = no cost (booking fees may apply)
Under 48 hours = 50% of all charges incurred
Under 24 hours = 100% of all charges incurred

How long can I book a room for?

You can book for literally any duration. One hour or five days.
When clients book long duration's like full days or weeks, we work to secure discounted rates from the venues. 

What to expect from the venues?

A private meeting room (4 x walls and a door) with a round, square or rectangular table and chairs. 

The coordinator will show you to the room, seat you, offer coffee and tea or any other requirements you may have.

Do the venues have WIFI?

They sure do! Almost all venues offer free WIFI these days, except the odd annoying hotel as we all know. The real question is do they offer a wired LAN connection and the answer to that is on a case by case basis. 

One of our booking agents can check this for you prior to any booking. :)


We sure do!
Any client with any sort of volume can get further discounts.
Our margins are very slim which is why we offer a best price guarantee but always happy to offer further discounts based on volume. :)

What extras are available?

Most meeting room providers offer:
Flip charts, white & blackboards,  data projectors (beamers) and of course catering.


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