Meeting space demand grows

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Meeting space demand grows

July 7, 2016
squasht Gazette

More Businesses and Government departments are outsourcing their meeting, training and office space requirements to third party providers. There are many causes for this change which this article looks to understand.

The number of public meeting spaces is increasing rapidly. This is because businesses, educational institutions, research facilities, and many more, see the value in outsourcing meeting space requirements due to the ever changing requirements of its workforce.

It is seemingly making more sense to have just a small footprint of internal space for that ad-hoc, lower duration and even small number of attendee meeting and outsource when the larger rooms, longer duration, higher service levels such as catering and audio visual are required.

Public space aids the remote worker.

One of the other major factors for the public room growth is the growing trend towards the mobile workforce.

When a percentage of your workforce does their job from home, they can meet customers and suppliers anywhere. When a professional meeting, training or work environment is required and the office is too far away, public space becomes incredibly attractive.

The last factor we see as a major cause for the public space growth is technology. Audio, video and web conferencing is growing at a crazy rate and the bottom line is this simply makes communications and virtual meetings easy. Again negating the need to be in the office to meet and again supporting the mobile workforce.

We are seeing a growing trend of remote workers renting public space to hold audio, video and web conferences simply because of convenience and efficiency.

We would love to hear your thoughts on why your company is or is not reducing their private meeting spaces?

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